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Preparations for the MFF Youth Congress

Preparations for the MFF Youth Congress

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The Organising Committee has travelled through the regions of Belarus as part of the preparation for the second Congress of the Movement For Freedom’s Youth Commission (MFF Youth): committee members told those attending about the plans of activities and offered the local youth to participate in the work.

As we have previously reported, the Council of the Movement For Freedom’s Youth Commission (MFF Youth) has ceased its operations by the decision of the MFF Council’s December session. The Organising Committee was created, which began preparations for the new Congress.

“The Organising Committee has visited those regions where the MFF communities showed the greatest interest in such meetings,” was told by MFF Deputy Chairman, Congress Organising Committee representative Kiryl Staselka.

In particular, the organisation’s young members visited Homel, Brest, Masty, Lida, Biarozauka, Navahrudak, and Baranavichy.

According to Staselka, it was noticeable at the meetings that young people are interested in the activities of the Commission’s regional branches and the educational programmes.

Preparation for the Congress continues. The Congress will be held on January 15 and will accept the MFF members aged 18 to 35 (inclusive) with pre-registration.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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