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An MFF observer suggests that the Central Election Commission improves the counting of votes

An MFF observer suggests that the Central Election Commission improves the counting of votes

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Central Election Commission observer from the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Aliaksandr Žučkoŭ addressed the CEC with the proposal to hold a public and open vote count.

The Election Code gives the Central Election Commission all the necessary powers to ensure the requirements of the Law and explain them to the lower-level commissions, the CEC was reminded by Žučkoŭ.

In particular, he proposed to instruct the commissions of the following vote count procedure: “One of the commission members — delegated by a precinct commission through voting — shall sort the ballots, which were taken out of the ballot box, by votes cast for each candidate, as well as against all candidates, and shall separate the invalid ballots.”

“Sorting shall be performed aloud (calling the name of the candidate for whom the vote was given), each ballot shall be shown to other commission members and observers, and shall be stacked in front of the candidates’ nameplates. Then, counting of ballots for each candidate and against all candidates shall be performed,” reads Žučkoŭ’s proposal submitted to CEC Chairperson Lidzija Jarmošyna (Lidziya Yarmoshyna).

The MFF observer thinks that in the case of any member of a precinct commission having doubts as for the correctness of the vote count, all the members shall have the right to re-count the ballots. The results of the counting of votes shall be announced by the precinct commission chairperson.

“This would reconcile the election procedures with the spirit and letter of the Electoral Code of Belarus, the OSCE requirements, as well as the practices existing in other CIS countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan,” concluded Žučkoŭ.

He asked to consider the proposal at a CEC meeting.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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