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Belarusians should demonstrate their rejection of the primitive consumer philosophy

Belarusians should demonstrate their rejection of the primitive consumer philosophy

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The leadership of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) made a statement concerning the sentences to the participants of the December 19 protest meetings announced by the Frunzienski District Court of Minsk on March 2.

The MFF leadership thinks that biased consideration of cases and inadequate sentences testify to the political nature of the court system, and make the development of normal relations of Belarus with the civilized world impossible. The MFF leadership declared its full solidarity with those prosecuted for their peaceful participation in the protest action of December 19.

Belarusians should overcome the fear imposed by the authorities and — through large-scale solidarity actions, society’s consolidation over certain values, and personal rejection of the authoritarian rule — should demonstrate to the world that they cannot accept a primitive consumer philosophy, that they could defend their dignity, and that Belarus have the right to be a full member of the common European family.

The MFF leadership is sure that the attention on the part of the EU, the US, and other democratic countries to Belarus will continue to be a special and a relentless one. The improvement of relations with the civilized countries of the world — which is an indispensable condition of preservation and strengthening of the Belarusian independence —is impossible without the release of every prisoner of conscience and without the guaranties of cessation of political repressions. Therefore, the MFF will use every opportunity to make this happen.

As was previously reported, on March 2, the Frunzienski District Court punished the participants of the December 19 protest meeting Alaksandr Atroshchankau, Zmitsier Novik, and Alaksandr Malchanau with four, three and a half, and three years of high-security prison, correspondingly. Before this, on February 17, the same court passed the sentence to Vasil Parfiankou — namely, four years of high-security prison. Human rights advocates are sure that these sentences are motivated politically.

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