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“People are not afraid to speak openly”

“People are not afraid to speak openly”

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The second series of trips by the initiators of the People’s Referendum across Belarus for meeting with people has started on October 16. There will be about 50 trips in total with a focus on those communities where the opposition haven’t worked with people for a long time.

The first meetings took place at the consumer goods market and at the food market in Lahoysk town.

“I would call the mood of the people, both sellers and buyers, harsh – they are unsatisfied with many things. They criticise hard the local authorities who decide nothing. People complain that they don’t elect them, but that some ‘rag-tag’ is sent to rule them. The most popular question of those proposed for the Referendum was to remove the incumbent head of state. I didn’t expect this and was amazed that people talk openly about it, without fear,” told Alaksiey Kavalets, the member of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Council, about the meetings in Lahoysk.

He was accompanied by Siarhiey Vazniak of the Tell The Truth! campaign and Zmitsier Shevel of the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Party. The next towns to visit are Bialynichy and Bykhau on October 18.

As was previously reported, the initiative of the People’s Referendum was launched in May by the MFF, the BPF, and the Tell The Truth. Later they were joined by the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (‘Hramada’) (BSDP), the Organising Committee for foundation of the Party of Freedom and Progress (PFP), and more than 40 NGOs.

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