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Belarusians of Poland and Ukraine sign a cooperation agreement

Belarusians of Poland and Ukraine sign a cooperation agreement

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The signing of this agreement between the Belarusian House in Warsaw and the Belarusian Centre in Ukraine took place in Warsaw office of the Belarusian House on October 13.

“The cooperation of the two foreign institutions of the ‘independent Belarus’ will be based on coordination of their activity, events, and projects. The joint activity of these organisations will promote the establishment of firm Belaruso-Polish and Belaruso-Ukrainian relations, and thus will promote closer and wider ties between Poland and Ukraine concerning the Belarusian issue”, reads the press release of the Belarusian House Information Office.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Belarusian House in Warsaw by its co-founders: member of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Council Ales Zarembiuk and Zmitsier Barodka. The Belarusian Centre in Ukraine was represented by its founder Viachaslau Siuchyk.

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