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05.04.2012 22:30, , 0

The leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) got into one of the Minsk hospitals due to an accident.

The latest news
22.08 The People’s Referendum preparing amendments to the Education Code 0 12.08 Рух «За Свабоду» пратэстуе супраць блакавання сайтаў расійскімі дзяржворганамі на тэрыторыі Беларусі 2 11.07 The MFF announcing admission to the School named ‘The Belarusian National Idea and the Ways of Consolidation in Belarus’ 7 09.07 The MFF joining patriotic indoctrination of military servicemen 0 07.07 The MFF doubts the constitutionality of enactments on mass events 0 30.06 “A Russian parade column today could mean direct occupation tomorrow” 0 21.06 The ‘For Freedom of Thought’ prize of 2014 is awarded to Viktar Shalkievich 0 19.06 Politicians laying flowers on Bykau’s birthday (a photo report) 0 18.06 Awarding of the ‘For Freedom of Thought’ prize to complete the Bykau week 2 17.06 “A new national security concept should be adopted immediately” 0 26.05 Alaksandr Milinkevich congratulates the EPP leaders with the victory of their party at the election to the European Parliament 0 23.05 The MFF Council supports the nomination of a single candidate for the presidential election 0 23.05 The MFF suggests the government abolishes visas for the citizens of the EU and several other countries 0 23.05 “A single candidate is not an end in itself but an instrument of change” 0 08.05 March of Independence is not allowed. A second attempt to follow 3 04.05 The MFF calls for stopping the distribution of black-and-orange ribbons 191 25.04 Standing for independence together 0 23.04 Marsh of Independence 1 17.04 Milinkevich: Belarusians want reforms and, at the same time, are afraid of them 0 17.04 Balcerowicz finds consultants for Belarusian reforms 1
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