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06.05.2011 10:30, , 0

Ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, the leader of the Union For Modernization (UFM) that, together with the Movement For Freedom (MFF), is the part of the Belarusian Choice initiative, told how he managed to fool the Belarusian security services and to leave the country, and what the KGB wanted from him.

16.03.2011 11:18, , 0

After the sensational departure of the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich from Belarus, a version of doubt appeared whether he really managed to get out of KGB’s sight.

14.03.2011 14:48, , 0

Deputy head of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich was one of the few whom Ales Mikhalevich contacted after leaving the country.

14.03.2011 14:36, , 0

Alaksandr Milinkevich thinks that the former presidential candidate could have been seriously threatened.

14.03.2011 01:36, , 4

Ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich was summoned to the KGB (Committee for State Security) once again. The politician had to come there on March 14 at 12 a.m. for the alleged “investigational actions”. However, he didn’t come.

28.02.2011 17:00, , 1

The deputy chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich says the testimony of the ex-candidate for president Ales Mikhalevich about tortures in the KGB (Committee for State Security) prison became a real civil act and an example for imitation by many others:

28.02.2011 14:37, , 2

"The greatest "secret of investigation” lies in the ways and methods applied in order to force those people to sign the necessary “prejudicial evidence" and statements", said the politician.

28.02.2011 14:07, , 0

Despite the fact that I, Ales Mikhalevich, a presidential candidate in the 2010 presidential elections, am bound by written cognizance not to disclose the materials of investigation, I consider it my duty to tell what is being done to the detained and the imprisoned in the KGB detention centre. The greatest "secret of investigation” lies in the ways and methods applied in order to force those people to sign the necessary “prejudicial evidence" and statements.

20.02.2011 12:28, , 0

The leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) defines on the events of the last week concerning Belarus that, in his view, were the most significant ones. One event with a “minus” and one with a “plus”.

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