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Health workers and teachers are forced to collect signatures for a pro-government contender?
31.07.2012 11:42, Movement News
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Health workers and teachers are forced to collect signatures for a pro-government contender?

Such information was reported by voters to the activist of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Halina Krauchanka who is nominated as a candidate for deputy by way of collecting citizens’ signatures.

Alongside Halina Krauchanka supported by the MFF Homiel branch, Chief Medical Officer of the Homiel Region Clinical Cardiology Health Centre Hanna Lapatsina is also nominated in the Homiel Industrial Constituency No.35.

According to the voters whom Krauchanka met during her visits to the homes of her constituency’s residents, patients are asked to give their signatures for the Chief Medical Officer during their visits to the outpatient hospital; moreover, teachers from local schools are forced to collect signatures for the pro-government candidate during their off hours.

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