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24.08.2015 09:47, , 4

Dear Mrs Karatkievich,

08.07.2015 19:49, , 1

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) has announced enrolment in its next Summer School for young people.

16.06.2015 10:28, , 0

We have a proposal of how to spend Saturday, June 20, in an interesting company in a historical place at a festive event: the Movement For Freedom (MFF) invites everyone to the awarding of the Vasil Bykau ‘For Freedom of Thought’ Prize!

10.05.2015 11:58, , 3

 Minsk celebrated Europe Day together with the rest of the world on May 9. The Movement For Freedom (MFF) held an event with a lecture, a quiz, and a concert. 

02.04.2015 08:22, , 2

Statement of the Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) Council on the format of participation in the presidential campaign of 2015:

23.03.2015 16:30, , 1

100 white-red-white flags were made for Freedom Day through the efforts of activists of the Movement For Freedom (MFF). They will be handed out on March 25 beginning with 3 p.m. near Kastrychnik cinema, which is the place of gathering for participants of the street rally dedicated to the oncoming anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

18.03.2015 21:37, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) would like to encourage everyone to celebrate the Freedom Day (#25sakavika) in a white-red-white fashion!

06.03.2015 09:52, , 3

Activist of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Halina Mikhniuk received a reply from the President’s Administration to her electronic appeal to the head of the state, in which she asked him several questions concerning the People’s Referendum initiative.

10.02.2015 13:55, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) transferred some €240 during the action in support of Lohvinau publishing house by buying books and transferring a part of the sum as a donation.

06.02.2015 12:10, , 1

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) sent a number of proposals to Minsk City Executive Committee on improving the urban life. They were drawn up based on the results of a special round-table conference of the People’s Referendum which is the MFF’s initiative on developing the plans of reforms in various fields.

05.02.2015 13:16, , 3

In the year of presidential election, the authorities – quite expectedly – began to speak much about preventing street protests: first, Alaksandr Lukashenka during a major press conference last week, and then Presidential Administration head Alaksandr Kosiniets.

02.02.2015 10:22, , 0

Meetings of members and supporters of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) will be held in the near future in regional capitals and large district cities, reported Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich.

23.10.2014 14:32, , 10

We appeal to the Ministry of Defence and the army’s official publication ‘The Belarusian Military Newspaper. For Our Motherland’s Glory’ with a request to publish this open letter on its pages to prove their commitment to the freedom of speech and officers’ honour.

11.10.2014 11:54, , 0

The leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Milinkevich made a welcoming speech at the congress of the MFF’s partner organisation, the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Party, that took place on October 11 in Minsk.

15.09.2014 19:13, , 1

The leaders of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) – Chairman Alaksandr Milinkevich and First Deputy Chairman Yuras Hubarevich visited Kyiv on September 15 where they met with the leaders of Ukraine’s major political forces.

04.09.2014 08:05, , 1

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) announces ‘PRO-Europeanness’ photo contest. Photos can be submitted that create a positive image of Europe for Belarusians.

11.07.2014 11:11, , 7

The School will be held between August 24 and August 29, 2014 in Vilnius region, Lithuania with the participation of prominent Belarusian experts, public figures, and politicians.

09.07.2014 12:07, , 0

Information materials suitable for patriotic indoctrination of military servicemen were sent by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) to the leadership of the Belarusian army (the Ministry of Defence and the Commander-in-Chief), educational institutions in the field of Defence (the Military Academy and the Suvorov Military School), and a number of military units across the country.

07.07.2014 15:57, , 0

The Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Milinkevich appealed on behalf of the organisation to the Council of Ministers with a request to initiate a review by the Constitutional Court of the legality of enactments on mass events.

30.06.2014 12:59, , 0

The statement of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) concerning the participation of the Russian military in the parade on July 3:

23.05.2014 17:21, , 0

Today, the members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Council have supported the resolution that determines the procedure of the MFF’s participation in the upcoming presidential election and the election of a single candidate from the democratic forces. Additionally, an appeal to the Belarusian government to cancel the visa regime with the EU was adopted unanimously.

23.05.2014 16:01, , 0

The Movement for Freedom (the MFF) human rights advocacy and education NGO calls on the government of Belarus to abolish the visa regime for the citizens of the European Union member states and candidate states, as well as for those of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

23.05.2014 15:40, , 0

The resolution of the MFF Council on the preparation for the presidential election of 2015:

04.05.2014 15:12, , 193

The statement of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) in connection with the distribution of black-and-orange ribbons, or the so-called ‘St. George ribbons’, at one of Minsk hypermarkets:

23.04.2014 13:08, , 1

The MFF initiates holding the Marsh of Independence in the Belarusian capital.

16.03.2014 13:50, , 1

The statement of the Council of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) on the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the threat for the independence of Belarus:

11.03.2014 17:08, , 0

Candidate for deputy of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Piotr Markielau makes extraordinary promises at the election to the Minsk City Deputies’ Council.

10.03.2014 14:32, , 0

A public discussion will be held on Wednesday, March 12 titled ‘Why should the heads of executive committees of regions, districts, and cities/towns be chosen by direct vote of citizens?’. The event will be held as part of the discussions of the People’s Referendum.

07.03.2014 13:24, , 0

Artsiom Lava and Ales Marchanka were detained in the evening of March 6 for their solidarity action with the Ukrainian people and against the Russian occupation of the Crimea.

27.02.2014 15:37, , 0

The School of the People’s Programme for candidates at the local election enters the final straight. The Movement For Freedom (MFF) will convene a meeting of independent candidates of the local election in Vitsiebsk on March 1 and 2.

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