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23.04.2014 13:08, , 0

Рух “За Свабоду” ініцыюе правядзенне ў сталіцы Беларусі Маршу Незалежнасці.  

16.03.2014 13:50, , 0

The statement of the Council of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) on the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the threat for the independence of Belarus:

11.03.2014 17:08, , 0

Candidate for deputy of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Piotr Markielau makes extraordinary promises at the election to the Minsk City Deputies’ Council.

10.03.2014 14:32, , 0

A public discussion will be held on Wednesday, March 12 titled ‘Why should the heads of executive committees of regions, districts, and cities/towns be chosen by direct vote of citizens?’. The event will be held as part of the discussions of the People’s Referendum.

07.03.2014 13:24, , 0

Artsiom Lava and Ales Marchanka were detained in the evening of March 6 for their solidarity action with the Ukrainian people and against the Russian occupation of the Crimea.

27.02.2014 15:37, , 0

The School of the People’s Programme for candidates at the local election enters the final straight. The Movement For Freedom (MFF) will convene a meeting of independent candidates of the local election in Vitsiebsk on March 1 and 2.

25.02.2014 22:43, , 1

Members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksiey Haurutsikau and Khrystaphor Zhalapau have filed their claims in the Vitsiebsk Region Court against the actions of members of the Vitsiebsk City Territorial Election Commission who took the decision to refuse to register them as candidates for deputies of the local Deputies’ Council.

22.02.2014 10:19, , 2

38 members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) have been registered as candidates for deputies at the current local election. In total, the MFF supporters have filed 87 applications for nomination as candidates for deputies of local Deputies’ Councils of various levels. Thus, 43% of applicants were able to pass through the ‘registration filter’.

20.02.2014 14:59, , 0

The representative of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Halina Krauchanka hasn’t been registered as a candidate for deputy of the House of Representatives in the Homiel Navabielitsa constituency No. 36, where a re-election will be held on March 23.

19.02.2014 19:01, , 3

‘Non-authenticity’ of collected signatures for nomination is the main cause of refusal for the members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) for registration as candidates for deputies of local Deputies’ Councils.

28.01.2014 16:41, , 0

A round-table conference on the topic of power industry titled ‘The Belarusian power system: current condition, development paths, and alternatives’ was held at the office of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) on January 26.

24.01.2014 14:30, , 0

A special issue of the newsletter of the European Clubs network appeared. It is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Lithuania and Poland’s membership in the European Club.

18.12.2013 16:46, , 3

The Movement For Freedom (MFF), the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Party, the Tell The Truth! campaign, Our House public campaign, the Homiel Democratic Forum public initiative, and several other democratic parties and NGOs will support the candidacy of Halina Krauchanka at the upcoming by-election to the parliament in the No. 36 Homiel Navabielitski constituency.

09.12.2013 15:22, , 4

The questions were chosen by the organisation’s Council by voting.

04.12.2013 11:47, , 0

The next stage of the People’s Programme initiative dedicated to the local elections of March 23, 2014 has started. The initiative aims at devising the ‘road maps’ of reforms in different areas with the help of the expert and public discussions.

13.11.2013 13:07, , 0

The congress of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) took place on November 7 to 9 at one of the lake Narach recreation

11.11.2013 10:18, , 0

75 activists of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) from different parts of Belarus came to the congress on November 7 to 9 in one of the lake Narach’s recreation centres. They have discussed the future activities of the organisation on a number of areas, from the People’s Programme and the People’s Referendum to the local and presidential elections.

09.11.2013 09:36, , 1

Among other things, the tradition of awarding the most active members of the organisation with Certificates of Appreciation was set up during the meeting of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) activists that was held near Miadziel town on November 7-9.

08.11.2013 15:32, , 0

Scenarios of street protests during previous presidential campaigns didn’t work, because the opposition didn’t have the proper support of the society, said First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) at the conference of organisation’s activists that took place on November 7 to 9 near Miadziel town. “We shouldn’t rely on the nomination of a single candidate as if it were a miracle cure. Instead, we should work to expand our electoral base, which will allow a single candidate to win at the election and, if necessary, to defend the victory,” said Yuras Hubarevich.

07.11.2013 21:53, , 1

The leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Milinkevich explained his vision of the Belarusian opposition’s objectives at the presidential election of 2015.

06.11.2013 14:08, , 0

The Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) European Clubs network invites everyone to take part in the competition named ‘Close Neighbours – 10 years in the European Union’ dedicated to the achievements of the 10 years of membership of Belarus’s neighbours – Poland and Lithuania – in the European Union.

21.10.2013 18:03, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) has chosen ten priority questions for the agenda of the People’s Referendum. They were chosen based on the meetings with people and questionnaires of the organisation members.

16.10.2013 12:34, , 0

The second series of trips by the initiators of the People’s Referendum across Belarus for meeting with people has started on October 16. There will be about 50 trips in total with a focus on those communities where the opposition haven’t worked with people for a long time.

16.10.2013 11:36, , 0

The school named ‘Belarus Today: the Challenges and the Prospects of Development’ has started working on October 15 in Białystok, Poland. Prominent Belarusian and European experts will teach there. The school was organised by the Movement For Freedom (MFF).

14.10.2013 13:28, , 0

On October 9, judge of Vitsiebsk Piershamayski District Court Volha Ivanova has considered the complaint by the regional coordinator of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Khrystaphor Zhalapau and lawyer Alaksiey Haurutsikau against the district administration’s prohibition of the solidarity picket, and has made a decision to leave the complaint unsatisfied.

24.09.2013 16:33, , 1

On September 24, Alaksandr Milinkevich, the leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) and the presidential candidate at the 2006 election, underwent a surgery.

13.09.2013 09:59, , 1

A frequent fault of the Belarusian opposition is to do something first on the Internet, and then (maybe) in the real world. This time, real actions go first, and then the web!

30.08.2013 13:09, , 2

The Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) position concerning the conflict around the Belarusian Potash Company and the new round of tension between Belarus and Russia:

27.08.2013 14:40, , 0

The Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet replied to the letter of the Belarusian politicians, who expressed their concern about the criminal prosecution of Belarusian businessman Andrey Zhukaviets.

21.08.2013 12:11, , 0

The collection of signatures has been initiated by the Belarusian Language Society Baranavichy town branch when people noticed that the plate has disappeared from the school building.

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