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The People’s Programme in action: Homiel activists develop recommendations concerning unemployment guaranties
31.08.2011 14:13, Analytics
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The People’s Programme in action: Homiel activists develop recommendations concerning unemployment guaranties

Strategic Thought expert organisation from Homiel has released a detailed analysis of the regional labour market, as well as the recommendations on minimizing the unemployment, based on international experience.

The results were posted on the Strategic Thought’s website in three parts, and were widely distributed through social medias. This work was initiated by the Homiel Democratic Forum civil initiative that plans now to perform a public discussion with the participation of wide circles of society and various target groups.

The campaign’s organizers believe that – after public discussion – the results of their work could become a material either for a systemic improvement of the situation by the authorities or a foundation for further civil campaigns for lobbying the interests of common people. Everything depends on the authorities’ will and interest to work in this direction, including with due regard to the international experience.

For your reference – The People’s Programme is an initiative implemented by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) that aims at developing a positive alternative of the future of Belarus. Local campaigns of the People’s Programme in action have been carried out in several regions since the last month, where the national-level ideas are projected on the local ground.

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