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28.07.2015 15:34, , 2
14.07.2015 12:25, , 0

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich offered an initiative on an independent examination for the detection of false signatures of citizens for nomination of presidential candidates. A public commission created for this purpose will be, at this stage of the election, an alternative to the Central Election Commission (CEC) and its subordinate regional election commissions.

09.07.2015 12:09, , 1

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich received an answer from Minsk police to his letter, in which he inquired whether the agreement between Minsk police and the organisers of this year’s Chornobyl March has been fulfilled. Police promised to transfer the money collected for law enforcement during the action in favour of one of the orphan asylums.

08.07.2015 19:49, , 1

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) has announced enrolment in its next Summer School for young people.

07.07.2015 13:04, , 0

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has sent his congratulations to the National Poet of Belarus Nil Hilevich on the occasion of his receiving the Vasil Bykau ‘For Freedom of Thought’ Prize.

25.06.2015 17:40, , 0

A conference titled ‘The Current State of Competitiveness of Belarus and the Ways to Improve It’ took place in Minsk on June 25. This is the third economic conference organised by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) as part of the People’s Programme campaign, said First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich when opening the event.

20.06.2015 16:30, , 0

On Saturday, June 20, the Vasil Bykaŭ ‘For Freedom of Thought’ Prize awarding took place. Nil Hilevič, the only living national poet of Belarus, became this year’s winner.

19.06.2015 14:05, , 1

Members of ‘The Right to Choose-2015’ campaign received a response from the State Control Committee to their complaint against the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus for Elections and Republican Referendums.

16.06.2015 10:28, , 0

We have a proposal of how to spend Saturday, June 20, in an interesting company in a historical place at a festive event: the Movement For Freedom (MFF) invites everyone to the awarding of the Vasil Bykau ‘For Freedom of Thought’ Prize!

12.06.2015 15:41, , 0

There is a service on the People’s Referendum website that allows asking any questions the leaders of the structures that launched this initiative. The other day, a question was put personally for me that I would like to answer publicly, since such question was asked for the first time.

05.06.2015 11:29, , 0

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich addressed Alaksandr Barsukou, head of Minsk City Executive Committee’s Main Internal Affairs Directorate to find out whether Minsk police can keep their word.

04.06.2015 11:34, , 0

A press release of ‘The Right to Choose–2015’ election observation campaign:

01.06.2015 14:33, , 0

Left shaken by the Ukraine crisis, the Belarusian president has started looking for new allies in Europe. Mikalai Anishchanka reports  

22.05.2015 12:05, , 0

The European People’s Party summit in Riga on May 21 was devoted, among other things, to the discussion of the geopolitical situation. It was attended by the EPP leaders, the leaders of European centre-right parties, and the leaders of a number of EU countries. Participants included the representatives of the Belarusian opposition, as well – Chairmen of the Movement For Freedom (MFF), the United Civil Party (UCP), and the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Party Alaksandr Milinkevich, Anatol Labiedzka, and Alaksiey Yanukievich.

21.05.2015 17:14, , 3

Nothing ruins the chances of Belarusians to democratic change as much as the lack of unity, said President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul at a meeting with the Belarusian opposition in Riga on May 21.

10.05.2015 11:58, , 3

 Minsk celebrated Europe Day together with the rest of the world on May 9. The Movement For Freedom (MFF) held an event with a lecture, a quiz, and a concert. 

08.05.2015 15:06, , 0

 In honour of the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, the People’s Referendum leaders laid flowers at the grave of the national writer of Belarus, war veteran Vasil Bykau at the capital’s Moscow (Eastern) Cemetery. 

05.05.2015 12:45, , 0

A joint press conference took place in Minsk today of the representatives of organisations that are carrying out the People’s Referendum campaign in Belarus. The foundation of the campaign’s joint headquarters was announced.

28.04.2015 19:30, , 0

 The appeal of the People’s Referendum initiators concerning the head of state’s annual address to the people and the parliament: 

22.04.2015 13:21, , 2

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich along with several other representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces took part in the April 22 meeting of the Polish Parliament’s (Sejm) Foreign Affairs Committee.

22.04.2015 09:48, , 26

Activist of the youth wing of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Mikita Siemianienka initiated a campaign through social networks titled “Don’t let Russian terrorist bikers travel through Belarus!” This concerns organising a protest against the motor rally of the ‘Night Wolves’ club in the territory of our country and hindering this event.

21.04.2015 14:37, , 3

Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Lahviniec made a speech at the hearing in Strasbourg on April 21 that were held by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Political Affairs Committee as part of the PACE spring session.

18.04.2015 12:05, , 4

“The visit of the European Commissioner Johannes Hahn has once again risen accusations in Belarus against European visitors – there are political prisoners in our country, there are no elections, and they are constantly making friends with “Europe’s not a last dictator anymore…”. They say, why – instead of ‘pushing him in face’ – do they initiate their dialogues? Traitors of democracy they are!” retells the leader of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Milinkevich.

16.04.2015 10:14, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) received a response from Minsk authorities to the letter that included a number of proposals to improve the capital’s life that were compiled based on a special round-table conference within the People’s Programme initiative.

13.04.2015 16:11, , 0

 Seemingly all the opposition leaders of Belarus had arrived to Yerevan on March 16-18, 2015, when the EURONEST PA 4th ordinary session convened in Armenia. Anyway the Belarusian delegation that participated in meeting of the EURANEST “Working Group on Belarus” maintained some 7-8 members. For sure they were the most attractive and interesting guests of Parliamentary Assembly, at least because very little is known abroad about the political life and leaders of Belarus. Still in contrary to Alexander Lukashenka, who never ascended from rustic nature and custom, it appears there are other leaders in Belarus with almost aristocratic education, amiability, charm and experience - like Alexander Milinkevich. 

09.04.2015 19:22, , 1

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuras Hubarevich will be one of the applicants for Chornobyl March in Minsk on April 26 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

07.04.2015 10:01, , 1

Belarusian democratic forces prepared amendments to electoral laws.

02.04.2015 08:22, , 2

Statement of the Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) Council on the format of participation in the presidential campaign of 2015:

27.03.2015 11:46, , 2

Another manifestation of the crisis in the Belarusian economy appeared! There is information that Minsk Automobile Factory will stop its main assembly line for 10 days.

25.03.2015 18:17, , 0

A traditional Freedom Day march – the anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918 – took place in Minsk on March 25.

23.03.2015 16:30, , 1

100 white-red-white flags were made for Freedom Day through the efforts of activists of the Movement For Freedom (MFF). They will be handed out on March 25 beginning with 3 p.m. near Kastrychnik cinema, which is the place of gathering for participants of the street rally dedicated to the oncoming anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

23.03.2015 11:33, , 35

A statement and proposal of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) on broadcasting of Russian TV channels:

19.03.2015 16:20, , 5

Minsk authorities gave a mocking permission for a street rally on the occasion of Freedom Day on 25 March. Business hours were chosen by them as the time for a march and rally – between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

19.03.2015 14:14, , 0

Two activists of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) received a response from the House of Representatives to the appeal to initiate the referendum. The deputies ignored this proposal.

18.03.2015 21:37, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) would like to encourage everyone to celebrate the Freedom Day (#25sakavika) in a white-red-white fashion!

18.03.2015 10:42, , 0

On March 18, the Belarusian democratic community has for the first time received the opportunity to speak at the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly plenary session that is currently held in Yerevan, Armenia.

06.03.2015 09:52, , 3

Activist of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Halina Mikhniuk received a reply from the President’s Administration to her electronic appeal to the head of the state, in which she asked him several questions concerning the People’s Referendum initiative.

04.03.2015 14:32, , 0

The discussion on the possible common approaches of the opposition forces to privatisation took place within the framework of ‘In-Depth Dialogue’ cooperation initiative in the office of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) on March 4.

03.03.2015 15:16, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) presents a video poll of ‘Atlant’ refrigerator factory (Minsk) employees on the issue of whether privatisation was beneficial for their enterprise. The majority of respondents didn’t notice any positive changes.

25.02.2015 15:31, , 6

Belarus should be present in the Council of Europe, and should not enter it through the back door but through the front door, having met a number of prerequisites, stated Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Alaksandr Milinkevich today based on the results of the meeting with the Special Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Belarus Andrea Rigoni.

24.02.2015 14:10, , 1

The Right to Choose observation campaign will prepare a package of amendments to election laws that will make the process of expression of the will of citizens as transparent as possible and will create a mechanism for real counting of voting results.

22.02.2015 14:27, , 3

The latest public hearing on the issue of Belarus’s European integration took place as part of the People’s Referendum in Lida central district library on February 22.

19.02.2015 13:30, , 0

11 political parties and organisations within the framework of ‘In-Depth Dialogue’ cooperation programme aim at developing common approaches to privatisation in Belarus.

15.02.2015 23:13, , 0

The People’s Referendum continues its efforts to attract new people to work together for a peaceful change and promoting the issues proposed for a nation-wide voting.

14.02.2015 14:07, , 0

The National Bank of Belarus announced a series of measures to ‘de-dollarise’ the economy.

13.02.2015 11:06, , 5

First Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) will test himself in military service during one of the February days. Yuras Hubarevich applied for participation in the ‘I Want to Join the Army’ project initiated by the Military Academy, Ministry of Defence ‘Warrior’ news agency, and web portal.

11.02.2015 17:17, , 0

Minsk European Club in cooperation with the Belarusian Collegium announces admission of participants to the public lectures titled ‘Integration Processes and Institutions of the European Union’. (Lecturers are Alaksandr Lahviniec and Vieranika Mazurkievich.)

10.02.2015 13:55, , 0

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) transferred some €240 during the action in support of Lohvinau publishing house by buying books and transferring a part of the sum as a donation.

06.02.2015 12:10, , 1

The Movement For Freedom (MFF) sent a number of proposals to Minsk City Executive Committee on improving the urban life. They were drawn up based on the results of a special round-table conference of the People’s Referendum which is the MFF’s initiative on developing the plans of reforms in various fields.

05.02.2015 13:16, , 3

In the year of presidential election, the authorities – quite expectedly – began to speak much about preventing street protests: first, Alaksandr Lukashenka during a major press conference last week, and then Presidential Administration head Alaksandr Kosiniets.

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