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MFF receives a warning from the Ministry of Justice

MFF receives a warning from the Ministry of Justice

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The Ministry of Justice has issued a warning to the Movement For Freedom (MFF) due to the fact that the organisers of the Freedom Day celebration were calling on people to participate in the event before a permit was obtained.

According to the Ministry of Justice’s data, which — as the ministry stressed — was found thanks to the “monitoring of the Internet global network”, an MFF representative was among the organisers of the Freedom Day event.

“The event organisers were calling on people to take part in it and were announcing the event’s scenario. However, there was no official permission to hold this event at the time when this information was being spread,” reads the text of the warning signed by the Deputy Minister Tushynski.

In case of another violation, the MFF “can be subject to the application of other measures of responsibility”.

“According to the law, there are two forms of applying for mass events — by individuals or by legal entities. The application for March 25 was filed by private individuals, the members of a number of organisations. However, the MFF Council did not take a decision to file this application, and the MFF therefore cannot be responsible for violating the Mass Events Law,” commented the MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich on the actions of the Ministry of Justice.

At the same time, when he and his colleagues appealed to the Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee with the proposal to discuss the event on Freedom Day, they were refused on the grounds that their organisations were not the event’s applicants. “The Ministry of Justice has found the thing, which Minsk City Executive Committee did not,” stressed the politician.

“This is a political put-up job. Through these papers, the authorities are trying to restrict our activities and suppress us by threatening us with liquidation,” concluded Hubarevich.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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